About Us

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VITAL SCAN, Inc. has been a provider of staffing services in Southland for more than 20 years.  We work with organizations that truly care for the well-being of their employees by helping to organize meticulously planned wellness events.

VITAL SCAN helps to create wellness programs, health fairs and screening events that are affordable, non-invasive, painless, reliable, confidential, and safe. Health screenings are an efficient means for establishing the level of risk for Cardiovascular, Respiratory disease, Osteoporosis and others. The results are immediate, reliable, and are kept confidential.

All VITAL SCAN affiliates are certified, caring professionals, who utilize modern and top of the line equipment.

JOIN the growing number of clients who appreciate and prefer our unique services, and at the same time benefit from lower insurance premium rates, fewer employee sick days, decreased medical insurance and workers compensation claims- all as a result of wellness program that is a part of your vision and suits your needs. Schedule an appointment now and see what we can do for your company.