What is a preventive screening?

We believe that early detection is the key to prevention! Preventive screenings utilize fast and effective methods to determine your risk of certain health issues. Detecting these issues early ensure speedy intervention. We help individuals detect and understand their health risks so they are more informed when consulting with their doctor.

How long has Vital Scan, Inc. been around?

Vital Scan, Inc. has been serving southern California for over 20 years. Growing from its roots as Diasound, Vital Scan, Inc. began providing preventive screening services in 2006. Since then, we have evolved to also offer a variety of diagnostic services, corporate/HR events, and most recently full body screenings.

Can I get these screening from my doctor?

In most cases, the answer is no. Most physicians will not order screenings to be conducted on patients without symptoms, with or without family history of disease. However, once a screening is conducted and shown to a doctor, they will often use our results to determine which further steps need to be taken to ensure your future health.

If I have no symptoms, why should I get screened?

As people age, it is crucial for them to take care of their bodies. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than HALF of all deaths in the United States come from heart disease, cancer, stroke, and chronic respiratory diseases. ALL of these can be avoided with early detection and immediate treatment. These diseases often show little to no symptoms until they progress into more advanced stages. The earlier they are detected by a screening, the sooner your physician can treat the health issue.

How often should I get screened?

The United States Preventive Service Task Force recommends a wide variety of screenings, including abdominal aortic aneurysm and osteoporosis, as measures for staying healthy. Overall, we recommend waiting 12-18 months between screenings but this may vary based on your family history and/or risk factors.

How can I schedule a screening event?

Scheduling is available through the following methods:

Web: Find the screening you desire and simply fill out the request form in the upper right.

Email us: Health@VitalScan.net

Call us anytime: (323) 653-2200

Are screening results reported to my doctor?

No. Screening results are given to you in full confidentiality. It is your decision whether or not to share the information with your physician.

Are results recorded on my medical history?

Screenings results are fully confidential and not recorded into a participant’s medical history.