Corporate/HR Services

Vital Scan, Inc. can provide specifically tailored corporate/HR programs for your business. From single screenings to hosting entire health fairs, we have many options for employers to take advantage of. Our team of professional technologists are trained to provide reliable diagnostic screenings for your employees! Our affordable, non-invasive and pain-free screenings will provide a safe and efficient means of establishing risk of stroke, osteoporosis, respiratory disease and many others.
Individuals who partake in our screenings are more likely to detect a possible health problem at an early stage before more symptoms are seen. All of our personnel are certified, caring and professional, utilizing the most reliable equipment. We provide immediate information that is fully confidential and is not reported into a patient’s medical history. All of our screenings are available in our corporate programs and the benefits of these screenings extend directly to your employees.
Our mentality is simple: Healthy employees are happy employees. We have worked with companies such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, UPS, LAX, LADWP and many more to promote good health and provide various screenings. We create events which optimize your time and resources to provide detailed information for all participants involved. Call us today to develop a plan which will work best for you!