Kidney Screening

The kidneys are the organs located on either side of the spine, at the lower back area. They filter the blood and help balance water, salt and mineral levels in the blood. They also produce hormones that help regulate blood pressure and blood supply. Waste from the kidneys is carried out of the body in urine. Urine flows through the tubes (ureters) to the bladder, where it is stored until a person needs to urinate. The waste and urine then leave the bladder to exit the body through a tube called the urethra.

A kidney screening finds out the size of the kidneys, detects kidney stones, masses and fluids around the kidneys and detects blocked urine flow. An ultrasound of the kidneys will detect the presence of renal diseases. Most forms of renal disease, when detected in the early stages are treated easily without any complications.

Left undetected, these conditions may cause severe pain, and possible kidney dysfunction or failure. The result of this treatment will identify the possible need to consult your doctor if you are at risk.

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