Spleen Screening

The spleen is a fist-sized organ located in the upper-left portion of the abdomen, to the left of your stomach. It is part of the lymphatic system and involved in fighting infection, filtration of blood and storage of platelets and white blood cells. It also is involved in destroying bacteria which can cause pneumonia and meningitis.

Since it is located behind the rib-cage, an enlarged spleen, called splenomegaly, will rarely be felt from the skin and requires an ultrasound to be examined. Blunt force trauma, such as car accidents and sports injuries, can lead to an enlarged spleen without the person being in pain or feeling it. This is why it is important to get screened!

A spleen screening allows us to see the spleen structure and detect any changes in tissue or size. Like other parts of your body, cancer can affect the spleen and surrounding areas. Blood-based leukemia is cancer that can lead to splenomegaly because of the blood-related functions of the spleen. The results of this screening may detect the possible need for further evaluation by your doctor.