CardioVision Screening

Arteries are responsible for moving the majority of the blood through the vascular tree. Consequently, non-flexible and hardened arteries cause the heart to work much harder as it is forced to push blood through obstructed vessels. Extra strain on the heart and resulting blockages are a root cause of cardiovascular disease.

This screening will measure blood pressure, pulse, and brachial artery elasticity. This screening also detects arrhythmia and the potential for congestive heart failure, depending on produced wave patterns. Highly recommended if you have:

∙High blood pressure
∙Kidney problems
∙Family history of diabetes
∙High cholesterol
∙Poor nutrition
∙A lack of physical activity

Loss in arterial elasticity is highly correlated to arteriosclerosis. This artery stiffness screening is essential for maintaining good health of your heart and indicates the possible need for more extensive testing.