Hand Spa

You deserve our hand spa service! Your hands are used every day and are essential to the human way of life. Our massages help to reduce muscle and joint pain along with softening hand calluses and give needed moisture to your skin. Our warming hand lotions and aromatherapy approach help to renew and hydrate the hands while being relaxed.
What does a hand spa do?

» Rejuvinates, restores, and renews your hands
» Softens painful calluses and moisturizes the skin
» Creates a relaxing sensation using aromatherapy while helping to keep your skin healthy!

Hand spa massages are recommended for individuals who use their hands more often than usual. This can include musicians, computer operators, athletes, construction workers, the elderly and anyone who uses their hands frequently for work. This is a great way to replenish, restore and rejuvenate your hands in a natural and therapeutic way.

Our team of massage therapists are great to have at any event you may be hosting. Health fairs, doctor offices, and corporate events are great examples of occasions where people have loved our service. We look forward to providing our hand spa service at your future events!

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